Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Go play with your toys; Mommy needs some chocolate.

Since about mid-November, I've lost almost 25 pounds that were packed on while pregnant with Calvin. Woohoo! I'm really not sure how I've done it, considering that we canceled our YMCA membership and I bake non-stop. In fact, I've eaten more chocolate and sugar in recent months than I have in years. I'm on the coffee and chocolate diet; coffee keeps me awake, chocolate keeps me happy.

On a recent trip to Bismarck with some girlfriends, we stopped to get pedicures...it was totally worth it even though my feet look just as unpresentable now (just a couple of weeks later) as they did before we went.

During our pedicures, we enjoyed a tasty little chocolate snack called an Oreo truffle. The pedicurists (?) raved about how easy they were to make--and I remembered seeing the recipe many times in my Kraft Food & Family magazines.

Today, I tried out the recipe, and wowza---are they incredible AND incredibly easy. They'd be a great Christmas treat...but who needs a holiday to eat chocolate????? Grab a package of Oreos, a chunk of cream cheese and make them now!
CLICK HERE to see the recipe. Enjoy!


  1. AHH I love these, I make them EVERY time I'm at a gathering! I could eat them by the pound. Now you've got me wishing I could make a run to the market... maybe tomorrow! Happy ball-making :)

  2. Crazy- Someone at work was talking about these TODAY! Another lady said she makes them with mint Oreos.

    And you look fabulous Mel. You are totally my hope that I too will someday look decent again!